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Welcome to “Flame India”. We are the market leaders in manufacturing Digital Temperature Sensors Kolkata and a wide range of other sensor products. Having started as a sister concern of the famous M/s Flame, which had begun in the year 2005, we have grown from strength to strength. Today our catalogue includes products such as Thermocouple, RTD, Thermowell, compensating cable, thermocouple extension cable, Digital temperature controller and low cost digital temperature meters.


We are considered to be the best thermocouples manufacturers India and are known for the most efficientdigital temperature sensors kolkata.


The thermocouple, the thermowell and the RTD are the three pillars of our strength and it is on the basis of these stellar products that we at Flame India have been able to rise in our services too.


Visit our About Us page to get a glimpse of our great history, flagship clients and leading customers. Our products page throws light on some of our best products such as the Base Metal thermocouples, the Nobel metal thermocouples, the Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD), the Thermowells, the socket welded thermowell, the flanged thermowell, glass and the quick response thermowell among others.


Our services page highlights why you should opt for us; describing our strengths such as innovation, creativity and ISO certification.  It also talks about our quality assurance principles, R&D activity, Quality policy as well as our infrastructure. Our Vision and team details are also mentioned therein. We have displayed our client satisfaction certificates and testimonials in the services page.


The Industries page on our website brings up the various industries that we proudly serve. These include steel industries, the power sector, sponge iron plants and cement industries where we have found our foothold and are in the process of strengthening it.


At Flame India our focus is on internal discipline and external result orientation. While never compromising on quality or standards we work hard to ensure that the client is happy with our products. Never have we at Flame India delivered unacceptable or even mediocre results.


The rich legacy of M/s Flame India which has been burning bright since a long time has energized our company to reach greater heights. The day is not very far away when we hope to be one among India’s most known and respected international brands. The work towards that is already underway. We at Flame India also believe in the symbolic importance wherein we say that we will burn like a flame to provide light to the rest of the manufacturing world. We will also tirelessly represent revolution and struggle and will continue to be a great success and inspiration to the organizations that grow after us. At Flame India we intend to create a great mix of innovation and energy for a responsible corporate framework. Welcome Aboard to the world of Flame India – India’s Temperature sensor leaders.

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" Flame India has got the biggest export order for thermocouple this year "

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Our new instrument division will be operational on and from 01/01/2014.

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